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................African Studies Part 1 0001 ........ This video is designed to help you become acquainted with several geographical art clusters in Africa ............ another portion includes the art of African Diaspora in the "New World" .................. This is only a survey concerning how to use the African Art Studies web pages. ............This video is not a lesson in Africanart...................

African Studies Art Part I


The people of Old Oyo came in to South West Nigeria sometime after the Arab invasion of the Nile Valley in 600 AD. The Oyo-s came from Egypt.

The Yoruba people live in South Western Nigeria, Togo and the Republic of Benin (former Dahome). Yoruba have a history of being the largest art producing community West of the Nile Valley. Much of our early information about the Yoruba-s comes from a Yoruba minister named Samuel Johnson. Much of the information obtained by Johnson came from many Yoruba individuals known for their chronicles of Yoruba culture and tradition during the mid and late 1800’s. One such person was Lagunju the Timi of Ede who was the most celebrated orator of Yoruba chronicles during his time. The Timi was not related to the Oni of Ile Ife and he was not a direct line decendant of the Alafin (grandson of Oduduwa) in Oyo. Lagunju the Timi of Ede was direct line to one of uncles to the Alafin of Oyo, which would appear to an outsider as an unlikely source for historical information; quite to the contrary. We find though Samuel Jonson that Oni of Ife was not related to any of Oduduwa dynasties. The Oni was related to the aboriginal people that lived in the region before the Yoruba-s came. We also learn that the kings that claimed to be the legitimate rulers of Yoruba land were the five grandsons and two great grandsons of Odudwa’s oldest son. Many Yoruba and Europeans believe the stories that obtained from the Alafin of Oyo to be true. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE

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