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This page shows a few of the stamp designs used in printing adinkra cloth. Many of the designs have proverbs. The meanings of these symbols are posted in English. We will post Akan terms as well.

The stamp designs printed on cloth tell a story.

There is a proverb connected with each adinkra symbol and deeper meaning.

The Akan speaking people migrated south to the "Gold Coast" (the modern Republic of Ghana 1957) region after the fall of ancient Ghana Civilization in 600 A.D. Their migration was a slow and steady one which took years to compleat. PRESS THIS BUTTON TO RETURN TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE

The Ashanti speak an Akan language. They speak the Twi dialect. Most of the cultural art forms they produce did not originate with them. Ashanti have been around for a little over 300 years and Akan culture has existed for much longer.

Ashanti Confederation was formed in 1698 by two cousins Osei Tutu and Kwame Frimpon Okomfo Anokye. It was a collection of numerous tribes, villages and towns grouped under one federation. Ashanti as a name or group of people did not exist before that time. They settled in central Ghana.

This picture was posted May 2, 2013 and essay is the results of Clark’s two trips to Ghana the summers of 1976 and 2002. There will be additional display of adinkra cloths from Clark’s personal collection later. Clark is a traditional woodcarver and retired school teacher who spend time traveling and writing essays about traditional African art. This website is and you are in what is known as the African Studies Art section of this website at notation made on May 02, 2013.

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